1. smwtnbndr

    Briggs 5 hp tuning question??

    Put a 5hp back together. ARC billet rod, new rings, shaved the brows and cleaned up the porting. Valves are lapped in. Running a Briggs downdraft carb. Governor is removed. Going to order a ARC flywheel this week. When I run the bike towards the end of its revving limits, I let off the gas...
  2. G

    Tire question??

    So I'm looking for tires on the site Number 4.10/3.50-6 But all they have on the site is 50-4:shrug: what is the difference between the 50-6 and 50-4 and will the 50-4 work for my bike:confused: thanks Guys
  3. M

    Hodaka question??

    Are the hodaka engines 2 stroke or 4. If 2 stroke whats the oil gas mixture.. Thanks
  4. Cap'n kanuckles

    Ruttman mini bike history question??

    Does anyone know from what year to what year did they produce ruttman mini bikes?
  5. N

    80 t sprocket question??

    I have a guy that can do the work for me but where can I get the sprocket. I am in need of a link or a better description than 80T. I am looking to gain just a little more umph for the kids. Thanks for any help.:smile:
  6. M

    1968 Cougar question??

    I have a 1968 cougar with 14 inch rims and i want to put 17inch rims on it. Do you think they would fit and not rub on the wheel wells?