Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. F

    Black Star Rims on Cat Mini Bike?

    I have an HPE Muskin JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I have recently restored. It has black star rims on it, but I've seen photos of other Duster MX bikes (even though there are not many) and they have chrome star rims on them. I was wondering if these are aftermarket rims or genuine HPE...
  2. capguncowboy

    Cylinder Gas tank, star stamped on bottom

    Anyone ever seen this before? This tank has a star stamped in the bottom. I've had a dozen of these in various sizes and formats, but I've never seen any with this stamp on them. I'm pretty sure the tank is NOS and the green paint is original (where's chipped, I can see clean bare metal...
  3. 2

    Tecumseh Star Parts

    Not looking for anything specific but if you have any aftermarket parts, please let me know....
  4. H

    Tecumseh STAR alky with EC Birt stage 1 tillotson For Sale

    I have a tecumseh star with an ec birt stage 1 tillotson for sale. I had this on a go cart that i ran around the neighborhood for a while, but it was just too loud. I dont know a lot about the motor, i bought it on ebay, but it ran great. I know it has a billet rod, so i believe it was race...
  5. yankee-bears

    Star Kart by Star Land

    Star Kart by Star Land is on the decal on the back of the seat . Google says Star Land is an amusement park in Hanover Ma. with a GoKart track . It seems to be all original . Has a Clinton 4hp 4 cycle . Wonder if this was one of there GoKarts at the Park ? Anyone have any information ?
  6. Star Kart

    Star Kart

    Star Kart by Star Land
  7. Star Kart

    Star Kart

    Star Kart by Star Land
  8. Star Kart

    Star Kart

    Star Kart by Star Land
  9. cfrewilly

    wanted 1 Cat wheel star

    I need one Cat wheel star painted or not, please include price and shipping via pm. Thanks C
  10. Sprocket86

    Azusa Tri Star on front of DB 30

    Has anyone ever mounted an Azusa Tri Star alloy wheel to the front of the Baja DB 30? You need a 35x12mm ball bearing and I don't think they make these in this size. I want to replace the offset hub steel wheel that comes on the front of a DB 30 with a better 6 inch wheel.
  11. M

    Tecumseh star vs. Hm100

    VKE says the star engine and the standard production hm100 are different engines with internal parts that will not interchange. Can anyone elaborate on this for me and is the a production based engines suitable for a star clone build? Thanks.
  12. M

    Tecumseh Star

    Are there still aftermarket engine parts available for the HM100 Tecumseh Star class engine? Thanks.
  13. Not so mini bike

    Nos Chromed cat wheel star set

    Like the title says. I have a set of 3 nos chromed cat wheel stars. $125 shipped for the set. Will not separate
  14. Not so mini bike

    8" tri star wheel with db30 bearings

    Like new lightly used 8" tri star w/5/8" bearings and hardware. Also has spacer for inside wheel to make it work with db30 axle. $50 shipped
  15. Biffmini

    One paint grade Cat wheel star

    A little rough is ok
  16. A

    Wtb Cat parts! star caps, peg boots, rear fender&brackets

    I'm restoring a R3001 & Like the title says I need 2 pair of the star caps for the wheels, hunt wild boots for the pegs.. Also a rear fender and a couple of pairs of those half round mounting brackets for the fenders I can do PayPal to a friend. I know some of these things are hard to come by...
  17. Not so mini bike

    6" tri star rims

    Looking for 2 of them. One 3-1/2" and one 4". The older ones with out the stamp on the lip. Good clean ones if possible
  18. FloridaMiniBikes

    Star 25mm Fuel Injection ?

    I have no idea what it is, how to hook it up, and why I get involved with it in the first place? But being a typical OldMiniBikes psychotic, it sure would be fun to learn, and get it going.
  19. minimotor

    6" Azusa Tri Star wheel spacer

    Does anyone know if they make a 1" wheel spacer for a 6" Tri Star wheel?:confused:
  20. minimotor

    Spacer for Tri Star 6" Wheel

    Does anyone have or know of a 1/2" or 1" spacer for a 6" Tri Star wheel? Seen them for 5". Any info would be appreciated.