1. ReapersRide

    1973 Montgomery Wards Silver Streak Go Kart

    Does anyone have photos, brochures or Intel on a 1973 Montgomery Wards Silver Streak Go Kart. My daughter is thinking of doing a deal on one Thank you for any information. Reaper
  2. danford1

    Sears Best Green Streak, Fresh Restoration. $800

    Sears Best Green Streak Minibike. Fresh restoration and paint. Completed March 2017. These were made for Sears by Manco. They are high quality minibikes with front and rear suspensions. This is a very fast minibike. Not for the faint of heart ! No joke. Experienced riders only. It has a 212cc...
  3. danford1

    Danford1's - Sears Best Green Streak - (Vintage Open)

    This is my Sears Best Green Streak entry for the Vintage Open Class. It has a Predator 212 on it that I'll modify plus I'll be adding a Torque-A-Verter on it. I have some new brakes for it plus may be adding front brakes as well. It will be blasted and painted the factory Sub Lime green color in...
  4. C

    Sears puddle jumper/ Green streak gas tank

    Does anyone have or know of someone who has A gas tank for A Sears Puddle jumper/Green streak? I would really appreciate any help I could get, Thanks, Steve.:scooter:
  5. danford1

    Wanted: Kick stand for a Sears mini-bike, Green Streak, Puddle Jumper etc

    I actually need 2 of these... I'm looking for kick stands for a Sears Green Streak, Puddle Jumper etc. You can see the stand pretty good in the ad below plus I have a couple pics on my mini's. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it/them. Danford1
  6. minichoper

    nos goodyear blue streak slick

    Tire is mounted on a unknown split wheel. Asking 110 plus shipping. Or trade for parts for my taco22.thanks
  7. 45t

    Another Cat added to the streak

    Just picked up a R3001 off of craigslist. Its showing original green paint, which I thought was rare since i've never seen a green one before. It's mostly all there, only missing a few items (fenders, clutch cover, seat & air filter). With a lil bit of tinkering :grind::hammer: and polishing, I...
  8. Toms


    The Blue Streak is a scooter I found that was pretty complete.Looks homemade but nicely done.It's a lot of grins to ride.5 or 6 HP Briggs.12' automotive tires.Needs a better brake system though.My Son in Law laid it down in the grass when the brake belt broke.No damage done to the bike or...