Another Cat added to the streak


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Just picked up a R3001 off of craigslist. Its showing original green paint, which I thought was rare since i've never seen a green one before. It's mostly all there, only missing a few items (fenders, clutch cover, seat & air filter). With a lil bit of tinkering :grind::hammer: and polishing, I figure it will be up & running before to long. I'll play with it until I get board with it, then it will go up for sale. If it was a bigger bike, maybe i'd keep it. With me being 6'3" its difficult to ride the smaller bikes.

I've also included a pick of all the Cats in the streak that I picked up since July.
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Damn dude, you going to make animal hoarders show. Your a cat magnet. I was gonna say something else, but since this is a g-rated forum...


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Thanks for the kind comments and supporting my addiction. :thumbsup:

Whats odd, is I keep finding Cats. Just this past Monday I missed out on a Endura MX. If I would have called earlier, it would be sitting in my garage too. Theres another Cat 400 on the milwalkee craigslist for sale but I think its a lil overpriced and too far of a drive for me.:freakout:

I keep saying that I got to pace myself and slow down on spending $ on this hobby (especially with the wife letting my know how much im spending), but its too tempting when you keep coming across something you like. :eek:ut: