have you ever google imaged your user name?

    just for fun I entered my user name kb2rocket into Google and clicked images and it pretty much showed what I'm all about . I did the same thing with a different user name kempocat ... its amazing try it with your user name :) have fun
  2. R

    Need some Help finding a members user name

    Hi I misplaced some info does any one out there on the OldMiniBikes Forum know (GARY MALMQJUIST) users name on OldMiniBikes.I need to send him a message Thanks Robertt8883
  3. S

    To find out neutral and negative feedback on ebay user quickly

    Enter the ebay user ID and all neg and neutral feedback will be returned. A very quick way to spot loser sellers. Negative/Neutral Feedback A quick read will give you a good idea if the seller will cause you problems before you bid.
  4. FinMan

    New user from Finland

    Hello to all minibikers and greetings from Finland! I'm totally new user in here. Just got beautiful minibike-project and trying to get more information about this bike. So, does anybody know anything about hardtail Benelli Mini from 1971? I think it has made only in that year? I'm looking...
  5. cheezy1

    Googling user name

    Has anyone else on here just tried to google their user name on here? I did this a few days ago and was kinda amazed how popular "cheezy1" was. Oddly enough since I have used that name since elementary school. So at least 30 plus years now. And seems many people have started using it in the past...
  6. EZRider_75

    first time Honda engine user

    Hi guys, I recently had my 3.5 horse Tecumseh engine quit on me. This engine is way older than I am(i'm 21). luckly I had bought a 4 hourse Tec engine to put on another mini bike i'm building so i went ahead and put it on my everyday mini bike. Anyways, my uncle is giving me a Honda engine off...
  7. H

    Multiple User Names.

    Having multiple user names to circumvent a banning will result in a permanent ban. Reporting too many non-sense posts, also grounds for banning.
  8. Bikerscum

    Be very careful in dealing with OldMiniBikes user iatemeself

    He's now leaving me negative feedback under an assumed name... BigBlockBaby, a "user" with 0 post count. Check my feedback profile, right after a negative by iatemeself, another by the bogus user comes up. The bogus user & I have never had any correspondence. It's just iatemeself being a 12...
  9. H User Map No Longer Works Lets try this again. Add yourself to the map to see who's local to you! The last one we had went away when the site who ran it decided to cancel the service. :shrug: