have you ever google imaged your user name?


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just for fun I entered my user name kb2rocket into Google and clicked images and it pretty much showed what I'm all about
I did the same thing with a different user name kempocat ... its amazing

try it with your user name :)
have fun
My pic in my audokarma forum...a bunch of mini bike pics some mine some yours...my charger a bunch of mopars...and a power supply for a laptop...


Well I Googled mine and it didn't return what I was looking for.

Mine was on the license plate of a 1963 427 Galaxie Lightweight that belonged to Brent Hajek at the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals in 1979. I ran it on my truck for 14 years. Just changed up to a weighted plate.

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This name, some things come up if you know what I'm into. If you just search "Strigoi" nothing shows up for me.

Another one I've used for years has a ton of stuff come up. I don't think it's really known on here and it's unique.

This pic popped up from one quick search. :laugh: I'm the one not wearing the mask.

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