1. 20190601_134244.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights in vibration mode.
  2. 20190601_134223.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights in fully open position.
  3. 20190601_134150.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights in idle position.
  4. 20190601_133112.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights. Signs of vibration cause?

    TC weights

    When the raised area on the weights are worn off, are the weights done?
  6. chatten63

    comet modified aluminium weights

    I'm looking for a set of the modified aluminum weights for the comet 20 and 30 series driver. Part number 216117. Thanks Rick.
  7. J

    gx140\160\200 2:1 gear box

    I can`t find much info on this thing. Is there a way of adjusting the take on the clutch? Can i just remove some of the weights? the clutch is working but it takes at to low rpm...
  8. 2

    Clutch weights

    On a Tomar, or any clutch for that matter that can have weights added Are the weights/bolts you can add to the shoes anything specific or just bolts?
  9. Bikerscum

    WTB... Comet weights and springs...

    Looking for pink driver springs, aluminum #202931A weights, and modified aluminum #216117 weights. Or a source for the weights if you know of one? Thanks for any help.
  10. B

    Looking for Tav230 Aluminum Driver Weights

    The part number is 202931A. I have tried all the distributors and they are all out of stock. I talked to Don Jackson, the Comet engineer at CPC, and he said it may be a while before they resume production of the aluminum weights. If anyone has a set for sale, I would be interested in buying it.