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    Micro zipper mini bike runs great
  2. lil Digger

    Micro Zipper story

    One day back in the 90's I was flippin' through the pages of a motorcycle mag and saw an ad for Zippers mini bikes. If I remember correctly there was a coupon you could fill out and send in to get a brochure. So I did. A few days later the UPS guy stops by where I was workin' and he had a...
  3. lil Digger

    Micro Zipper Wanted

    Looking for one of these. If you have one for sale or know someone who does pm me.[ATTACH=CONFIG]83777 First time trying to attach pics.:confused: Thanx
  4. S

    Micro Zipper Mini

    Hi, Has anyone ever heard of a Micro Zipper has a 2-stroke engine (like an Echo weedeater) and you could get training wheels and mirrors for accessories. If anyone knows just let me know maybe how rare and maybe a little details to what years and where it was made. Thanks