1964 Fox Campus Chop

17 year-old Matt is chopping his Campus again...

Pic 1- This is how it looked before tonight. He's already stretched it 6" in the frame and 8" in the handlebars. He also fabbed the springer and tubular swingarm. This campus originally was a basket case frame he got on ebay for $60.

Pic 2- He has a B&S 5.5 OHV that won't fit into the stock height of the frame, so he started with a front and rear downtubes chop.

Pic 3- The single front downtube was removed completely to make room for two lengthened downtubes he'll fabricate later.

Pic 4- He wasn't happy with the look of the tubular swingarms he made earlier, and started fabricating girder-type swingarms from half-inch square rod. He made the sketch on the table to explain how he wanted to get the look of a dragster-style wheelie bar incorporated into the swingarm.

Pic 5- The frame, waiting for sleeves to raise it 4", and new dual downtubes so this engine will fit. He's fabbing the new swingarm first.
Matt prefers Briggs also...he has others of different sizes and models, including some old flatheads from the 60's and 70's. He may fab a fuel tank later so he can pull that plastic tank off the 5.5, but he wants the frame taller anyway.

Stretching a frame is not difficult...I'll post some photos of the sleeves and extensions Matt will fabricate and weld into the cuts to raise this frame height. His go-kart is stretched also to better fit his height.

Matt has been fabricating for two years, since he was 15, and now has a small shop of his own, welding and fabricating parts for his friends, mostly karts and gopeds. He bought his welder at an estate sale, and looks for old frames and engines to repair and eventually sell if he doesn't use them for his 'keepers'. Self-employed at 17...pretty cool.