1965 Toro Sportlawn

Im about to pick this up. I found it on CL. It is in incredible shape. I wish it was earlier, like early 50s sportlawn, but 1965 is pretty cool too.

Anyone know the HP on these briggs? I think they are 2?

Anyone else have cool mowers?? The cool thing with this is I can use the drive parts for a kart. I dont know how yet... But I can. Cool brackets and stuff. Not the clutch, cause it is geared real slow.. It actually goes pretty fast. hehe. For a mower.



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check the numbers on the engine, 60000 series is 2 to 2,5 hp and the 80000 series is 3 hp.
I have a few toro snow hound snow blowers and a 1950 toro starlawn mower. I also collect toro power handle equipment.


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That thing is gnarly! Small child blower too if you aren't looking where your going. :laugh:[/QUOTE]

it runs and works very well, it has a 1962 3hp briggs on it
Speaking as someone who belongs to WAY too many forums, I can suggest a couple that cater to this subject. Not that the gang here doesn't know about reel mowers, but these two might know a little more. I came to OldMiniBikes and these other two when I was looking for info on what turned out to be an H22.

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The second one, the Antique Small Engine Collectors Club is a bit tricky to join. They do it manually to avoid spammers.