1. Karterman

    1965 Taco Burrito

    I'm selling my freshly restored 1965 Taco Burrito mini bike serial number 5P173 with a rebuilt 1965 3HP Briggs and Stratton engine (Model 80302 Type 0016 01 Code 6510193). It has the original frame, wheels, scrub brake, clutch cover and rear sprocket. The fork assembly, kickstand, foot...
  2. M

    Original 1965 Stellar Trail Mini Bike

    For sale is an 1965 Stellar Trail Mini Bike Bike is in nice shape. Purchased from original owner who had it stored away in basement for 30 years. Engine will need basic tune-up such as fresh gas and carburetor cleaning. Other than that, this vintage piece is in great shape. Great piece to...
  3. dbadgley

    Wtb 1965 briggs 3hp

    Looking for a 1965 Briggs and Stratton 3hp engine for a lil indian project (prefer running but not required).
  4. M

    1965 Rupp Continental Custom-lights needed

    I'm looking for front and/or rear lights for a 1965 continental custom. Does anyone have any ideas as where to find something like that?
  5. jeep4me

    1965 Skat Kitty w/side car

    I can never hold on to anything good...:laugh: So here it is. 1965 Skat Kitty minibike with original side car. The bike has been completely disassembled and cleaned. The engine is a 2.5hp Tecumseh that has been completely rebuilt (by 125ccCrazy, aka Randi). The only things not original...
  6. jeep4me

    1965 Skat Kitty

    I got this Skat Kitty w/side car a couple weeks ago in a trade from dw1973 (Dave). This is one of those "bucket list" minibikes and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get it. Thanks Dave for offering it to me.:thumbsup: Anyway, It was pretty much in barn find condition when I got it...
  7. S

    Sears mini bike 1965 Runabout?

    Hello, I need help identifying this mini bike. My husband bought it about 8 yrs ago it's in all original condition and runs great. It says Genuine Craftsman 9.0 cubic in. on the pulley cover. It also has CAt 250x on clutch cover. We would like to know the age and approxamite value. Any help...
  8. photo80


  9. C

    Electric Start kit for 1965 cushman silver eagle

    Hello All, I have a 1965 Super Silver Eagle with the OMC engine. It in a pain in the butt to kick start. It takes forever. I would like to convert it over to electric start. Does anyone know where I can purchase a conversion kit? Thanks
  10. roccosbike

    1965 simplex

    1965 SIMPLEX Compact Sportsman Titled Antique USA scooter
  11. 1965 Taco Factory

    1965 Taco Factory

    This is were the steens company employees assembled Taco minibikes
  12. R

    1965 Toro Sportlawn

    Im about to pick this up. I found it on CL. It is in incredible shape. I wish it was earlier, like early 50s sportlawn, but 1965 is pretty cool too. Anyone know the HP on these briggs? I think they are 2? Anyone else have cool mowers?? The cool thing with this is I can use...
  13. matt2

    1965 3hp gas tank help

    Hi you guys. Here is my 1965 3hp gas tank. It seems to be missing a tank fuel well for fuel pick up for the short tube. I have seen pictures of the newer tank one hole with half of that hole a well. My tank is older 1965 and it has two holes the bigger one should have a well. PLEASE someone that...
  14. matt2

    1965 3hp briggs carb. question.

    Found this on cl, said 3hp briggs & stratton $20.00. It was still there a few days later. So I called the guy and asked if he would take $10.00 for it? He said yes and there you go something I need and get. I need help though. What do I need to rebuild carb.? I mean in the way of gaskets and...
  15. M

    1965 6-bs briggs will not start

    i have a 2 horse or 2.5 horse briggs engine from 1965, runs if you put gas or ether in carb,pulled plug --is dry, getting spark but no fuel, dropped gas tank cleand out, tube from tank to carb looks clean any, should i rebuild carb or what???
  16. guardrail dave

    1965 taco 22-b

    I found this 1965 Taco 22 bolt together frame at Mac's yard sale yesterday and I just felt that I had to save it .I cant say no to a good taco:laugh:
  17. W

    1965 5 HP Tecumseh

    This engine does not run it is going to need a rebuild. I was going to do it but I am just not a tecumseh guy I prefer briggs. I took most everything apart except the side cover(i couldnt get the pulley off of the shaft). I believe it has a bad camshaft because the lifters do not function...
  18. Rawtone

    1965 Steens Burrito frame

    1965 Steens Burrito Frame # P 478 Very Hard to find Burrito with frame# stamped behind the neck. Has had some repairs over the years $150. obo PM me or email me at wcsd375@yahoo.com (I can respond better via my BB) located in San Pedro, Cal will ship
  19. R

    Need help (1965? Honda 49cc)

    Hey guys. New member here. I'm a student @ FSU and I'm really not enjoying the mileage my F-150 gets around town. I need help getting old betsy here running. The last time I rode it, was maybe 6-7 years ago. Its been sitting in a garage ever since. No compression, and all I know about it is its...
  20. edwin

    vintage 1965 M 50 Harley Davidson/Aermacchi

    i know its not a minibike, but just want to sell it. Its a 1965 very rare (look up history) 50 cc 2 stroke 3 speed harley, made by the italian co Aermacchi. its about 90% restored with custom paint and leather seat, and polished cases. Asking 19 hundred obo. pm if have any questions or want...