1969 Bonanza Hodaka 100cc Mini Bike

I listed this earlier for $4500, but I couldn't figure out how to revise the thread so I added an entire new thread.
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1969 Bonanza Hodaka 100cc Mini Bike
I consider this a 99% original collectors item which is why I'm asking $3500 for it. Most who read this ad will just think I'm out of my mind, but collectors will know the real value. The last picture below is a replica someone made a few years ago. It was for sale for $10,000. Those of you who are familiar with these still find it hard to believe that they put such a powerful engine on a mini bike. I inherited this several years ago and took it mostly apart and cleaned it all up. It has a new clutch cable, new fuel lines, new fuel filter, new air filter element, and rebuilt carburetor. It even has a working fuel gauge in the gas cap. The only way to describe this is "Ridiculous". Almost impossible to ride without pulling wheelies. Starts with one kick and runs (Screams) extremely well. Oh, it's also very, very loud, even with the silencer on the end of the muffler. 20190919_145636.jpg 20190919_145501.jpg 20190919_145655.jpg 20190919_145708.jpg 20190919_145745.jpg 20190919_145807.jpg 20190919_145731.jpg 20190919_145813.jpg 20190919_171028.jpg Bonanza01.jpg