1. Brentdonato

    Bonanza Hodaka ace 100

    Hello! New to the group. I’ve already met some very helpful people here! Very cool group. I’ve recently acquired a Bonanza Hodaka ace 100 from a family friend. He purchased the bike with the intent to ride, but it sat in his garage on a shelf for the last 40 years. I’m hoping I can have him...
  2. BigBonanza

    1969 Bonanza Hodaka 100cc Mini Bike

    I listed this earlier for $4500, but I couldn't figure out how to revise the thread so I added an entire new thread. I will go back and attempt to delete the other thread. Thanks for understanding. 1969 Bonanza Hodaka 100cc Mini Bike I consider this a 99% original collectors item which is why...
  3. H

    Wtb ....Bonanza hodaka chrome original exhaust any

    Mark 412-277-5803
  4. B

    bonanza hodaka mini bike for sale

    bonanza mini bike with hodaka motor on craigs list 1 dollar
  5. B

    bonanza hodaka mini bike sale

    There is a bonanza bc 1300sh for sale in wichita ks on craigs list,listed under motorcycles by owner
  6. N

    Hodaka ace 100 e code engine

    Look at this on eBay HODAKA ACE 100 vintage restored motor engine AHRMA Bonanza mini bike,motorcycle | eBay
  7. Midyrman

    BC1500SH Hodaka SURVIVOR

    Very nice virtually untouched original survivor bike. It is believed to be an early 1969 with the tube rear shocks. E-code engine ORIGINAL to this bike. Frame has not been touched up or damaged. Fenders still have original hardware nuts and bolts. Wheels look to never have been...
  8. T

    Bonanza Hodaka BC1300SH Minibike -- Refurbished - $3900

    Complete restoration with correct E code Hodaka Ace 100 motor. Motor has fresh re-bore, new piston and rings. New everything to include tires, tubes, bearings, controls, jack shafts, sprockets, chains, front fork bellows rubber, seat, re-finished wheels, correct paint and hardware. New...
  9. topnotch

    Bonanza Chopper with Ace 100 Hodaka total restoration.

    Every since Marcus posted the pictures of his Bonanza chopper I haven't been able to sleep thinking about mine, so I decided to start work on this one again. Hopefully I can get this awesome ride done in the next week or two so I can stay focus on my other projects that I'm still working on. I...
  10. Phil1958

    WTB Hodaka ACE 100 and Bonanza Exhaust.

    I want a running complete Hodaka Ace 100 Engine, no basket cases. The expansion chamber must be solid, serviceable, and repairable. nothing that cannot be repaired. PM me with pics and your price including shipping to New York 13679. :thumbsup: phil
  11. D

    Bonanza BC1300sh gas tank dimensions?

    I have restored a 1968 Bonanza BC 1300SH with Hodaka motor. It came out great but I am not happy with the gas tank figment. Can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of the originally installed gas tank? Any help would be appreciated. I would also be interested in purchasing an original...
  12. R

    Bonanza -hodaka e code mini bike

    Just in time for Christmas.No relation to seller. Vintage Bonanza-Hodaka mini bike | eBay
  13. AboveUpNorth

    Mini bike...Hodaka sticker on frame...what is it?

    The frame looks a lot like a RUPP TT500 or 69 roadster.....it's not .....but looks awfully close. By the looks of the engine plate it was 4 cycle ran by comet clutch....Sprocket on the right side... I know some (like Bonanza, C 1400 SH) ran the Hodaka engine...... The round swing arm has me...
  14. R

    Bonanza hodaka ace 100

    Found this on Ebay today No relation to seller; Bonanza Mini Bike Hodaka Ace 100 Red Starlite | eBay
  15. G

    NOS Hodaka "e" serial Bonanza chopper

    i have a New Old Stock hodaka "E" serial number off the shelf motor and a bonanza chopper mini bike fame. i have an extra set of handlebar/forks that are slightly bent and need to be straightend and rechromed. all the main parts are here except for the jackshaft and jackshaft mounts and the...
  16. O

    Hodaka powered mini bike

    I am looking for Hodaka a powered mini bikes of any brand. Call me 412-277-5803 mark
  17. R

    Nos hodaka e code nib unopened

    Above the Top ! NOS Hodaka E Motor, complete, still in original box | eBay
  18. H

    e series hodaka engine

    looking for a e series hodaka engine
  19. H

    Hodaka powered Minnie's

    New to OldMiniBikes.....Interest Hodaka powered Minnie's....Thanks....Always Looking
  20. R

    Beautiful Hodaka E code For Sale

    Hodaka E Motor Engine Ahrma Bonanza Vintage Mini Bike | eBay