1969 taco brake question

hello all, i am redoing my 1969 taco from the ground up i have a new set of rims for it well they are three bolt not 4 bolt like old ones , so today i got new sprocket bolts right up my problem is my bendix brakes dont fit in they are just a little to big anyone ever have this problem ?? how did you fix it ?? hoping it can be done or i have a BIG problem its called no brakes lol
No the correct ones are like a Azusa 4 1/2" brake but it has a mounting tab welded onto it.

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Hey Joe,
This one is identical to the taco drum it just doesn't have the mounting tab welded on. The brake pads can be replaced on the taco brake using these pads.

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Both will work but if he wants originality gotta pull out the welder and grinder and make the mounting tab.

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