1. 661_Minis

    Taco 22?

    Someone local to me is selling this, is it a taco 22? Or Temecula bob? And also can the frame be saved? I don’t care about the bars or engine since there not original. I mainly want the frame
  2. racer756

    Taco polished cover

    Hello, selling a Taco polished cover made by Jeff Clark. never installed asking $175.00 prefer usps money order or bank cashiers check drawn on legit bank. buyer pays shipping costs located in Atascadero, Ca . please contact me at dhm756@yahoo.com thank you Don
  3. R

    Vintage Taco MiniBike Ceriani Shocks

    Vintage Taco Mini Bike Ceriani Shocks On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Taco-Mini-Bike-Ceriani-Shocks/124283492598?
  4. T

    Vintage Taco 33 Tacquito Mini Bike RARE

    Vintage Taco 33 Tacquito Mini Bike RARE On Ebay
  5. T

    Vintage Taco Mini Bike

    Vintage Taco Mini Bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Taco-Mini-Bike/123945597231?
  6. Valdez68st

    1967 Taco 22 . Diamond in the rough

    1967 taco 22 project
  7. Y

    Cr500 mini bike

    So my neighbor had an old mini bike his son used to ride around on in the 90s, till the engine blew, I got it for free. I was planning on getting a 212 and being done, but in my usual online hunt, I found a 98 cr500 engine for 150$, ad says it runs, I can only imagine how impractically fun would...
  8. sonerenos

    super trail taco

    for sale is a super trail taco. predator 212cc reliable build with: 18lb springs and SS valves. intake and carburetor header billet flywheel 8" Azusa spinner wheels and Azusa sprocket knobby tires hydraulic disc brake new front end springs inside the forks. $900.00 plus freight. best...

    Vintage Taco 44

    Pretty excited to start this one. Will do my best to make it a twin to my build off bike last year so I will be basically doing all the same steps. Seat from manchester1, burnished wheels from cambo61, original purple paint, and a nice rebuilt 80202 3hp Briggs.
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    Steens Taco St100
  11. 20181225_150407.jpg


    Steens Taco ST100
  12. Taco


    Taco frijole
  13. Taco


    Taco frijole
  14. Taco


    Taco frijole
  15. Taco


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