1971 z50 Honda Mini Trail

Haven’t posted in a while. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree . My son is resorting this MiniTrail 50 . Painted it for him and we almost got it done. My good brother Taco Loco Joe gave me a Taco 44 that I will begin to restore soon. Can’t wait to start on that one!


That is a nice restoration. The paint looks pretty close to Honda original from here. Which base coat/clear coat did you use? Thanks for posting a cool project!
Thanks Dave. My son found a site on the internet called VMR Paints. That site deals with factory OE paint kits. It has almost every vintage paint code you can think of for old American , and foreign bikes. The paint is solvent base and easy to use. The color was dead nuts to factory. Clear coat was Dupont 2400s and I think the base coat is from PPG.
Thanks, I went and looked at VMR and they provide a great guide and selection for vintage motorcycle paints. Hat's off to you and your son for doing a professional restoration....and for having a tank stand! :D
My son and my self finished the Honda 50 Mini Trail project. Now on to my Taco 44 project.
How did I miss this thread? Superb! LOVE the little Honda 50's! Here is my modded 125cc 4-speed 1975 Honda QA50. Uses almost an identical frame as the mini-trail. Gorgeous bike you have there.:scooter: 20190107_121038.jpg 20190107_121509.jpg