1980 Heald Superbronc VT812 almost finished

Hello everyone, I’ve hit a wall with my mini-bike rebuild. It’s 95% finished. It was completely torn down welds cleaned up primed and painted. 8hp techumseh motor and carb were cleaned and tuned. Nearly every nut & bolt was replaced with new. This was my first attempt at a minibike rebuild but I just don’t have the welding / fabricating skills to add a rear brake or figure out why the bike wants to take off when the motor warms up. It could be as simple as the new belt just needs to be worn in. Or maybe some adjustment on the comet torque a verter? Not sure. All of the controls (brake, throttle , killswitch) are brand new and just need to be connected to motor. Head light is new but needs to be wired. It will need a battery. It has both front and rear fenders. Seat is in great shape. It’s really an easy finish for someone who knows what they are doing. I’ve sunk so much money into it already I can’t afford to pay someone to finish the brake work. Was a father son project that we had a blast doing but in the end I think it’s a little too big / fast for my boys to ride. Especially if I only have front drum brake.
I’m asking $900 or best reasonable offer. I’m going to attach pictures of the build but you can check my previous posts.. I’ve tried to upload lots of build pics along the way. 04CA1724-E0BF-4049-9BCB-30C139640B1B.jpeg 7695232B-57A6-4548-9EBF-7F548231AB5F.jpeg E440FA36-70D0-4984-BE79-BDC4636E989F.jpeg C670640C-75BC-43EB-BC30-1856B7FF392B.jpeg 27067125-4521-4AAE-8BFE-F05E47B7B4C3.jpeg
Hope this is not a violation of the forum if it is I apologize and I’ll take it down. I’ve tried everything to post photos. I uploaded them all under Heald after photos rebuild but couldn’t find them again.
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Ok I was able to upload a bunch of pictures to members photo gallery in Det my user name dubbsy01. Hopefully people can see them there