thanks guys, i may need some help getting the brakes set up while i machine the
jackshaft. the pto gear on the torque converter is on the wrong side of the axle so i need
to either make a frame mounted jackshaft or extend the spindle on the driven pulley
over to the far side of the engine and cobble up a frame mounted support.

nothing like waiting to the last minute.

ps - it has been raining here for two days and nights. i see mud and standing water
in our future.
Down to just one bike. Never checked the rear sprocket on my smaller bike to see if it was true. It is so far from being true its unbelievable! Space chain might have worked. It was a brand new sprocket and I don't have a spare #35 sprocket to swap out, figures!
I have the truck loaded and ready to go , I have 1 load of propane to deliver and we will be on the road by 2 or 3 , what time is everyone getting there
Phil, I found a left and right brake lever, throttle with dummy grip, 17t, 10t, two 13t and all of the parts are new. I should be there in the early afternoon.

i need sprockets for this jackshaft! as of today my parts order from omb did not ship the best i can tell. the last item needed are two
band brake bands. if you got'em bring what ever you have! thanks.