5horsebriggs-monzusA-open class

mad a nw exhaust and got a mirror, i had a toys are us gift card and i dnt shop their anymore but they had a bike kit with a mirror so i trid it ad the mirror works good, my phone came out of my pocket when ridng and i found it the next day in the middle of the road all mangled up :doah: so no pics right now
was gunna make another video, but cops keep passen buy i rode the other day when a cop come up my but and my friend on his dirt bike darted away so i followed the cop didnt stand a chance :laugh: not the rightest thing ive done bit it was a spur of the moment thing
Had lots of problems with my brakes and them not working, so I put a foot petal with a rod and now I can lock the back tire, I went for a nice ride today with my dad I took my mini and he took our blaster, it was preetty cool being able to stop