'69 Roadster jackshaft clutch noise and shift point

Two part question:

Can the brass bushing on the jackshaft clutch be replaced, or should I just be looking for a new clutch?
I ask because after putting this project back together, the clutch bell makes the same noise when freewheeling that it did when I was a kid (it sounds like it spins to the point it starts to exceed its stability limits, then starts to squeal. i assume it's wobbling a bit on the shaft).
As soon as I heard that awful noise from my past, i disconnected the '2nd gear" chain.

Does anyone know what speed the secondary clutch normally kicks in? Depending on the speed, question #1 may be moot since my son is using this to putter around and learn to ride and respect motorized bikes.
I'm limiting his top speed for a while...

Rupp 72

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Spray some WD40 or PB Blaster on the brass bushing on the jackshaft. That bushing is meant to absorb oil and that awful noise and vibration is from lack thereof. See how that works for you.