1. B

    2 speed jackshaft won't shift

    I have 2 Trailhorse's one with a brand new 2 speed and one with the original 1970 2 speed and nether of them seem to shift. Not sure if the Rmp's or speed isn't getting up high enough to shift? Both have new predator engines. Any ideas. Thanks
  2. R

    '69 Roadster jackshaft clutch noise and shift point

    Two part question: Can the brass bushing on the jackshaft clutch be replaced, or should I just be looking for a new clutch? I ask because after putting this project back together, the clutch bell makes the same noise when freewheeling that it did when I was a kid (it sounds like it spins to the...
  3. F

    1971 Kawasaki MT1A Shift Pattern?

    Hi all, new to the forum. I picked up a beat up 71 Kawasaki MT1 A which I suspect may have a later model case cover on it. The cover says 1 down, 2 up, but my bike seems to be more like a Z50. Neutral all the way up and 3 down. Is this correct? There is a false neutral between 2 and 3 so when I...
  4. markus

    shift knobs.....Really????

    Just a reminder, when searching ebay you can delete certain key words to weed out unwanted items. miniature licences plates became a REAL nuisance a year or so ago on ebay when searching typical "mini bike" for parts, now some company is throwing the words "mini bike" in the header for shift...
  5. TorontoTim

    1973 Honda ST90 - doesn't seem to shift at higher RPM

    I've only ridden one of these things for perhaps 10 minutes total, so bear with me if I ask some dumb questions. Got one of these 3 speed 'semi-automatic' ST90's the other day. 3 down, neutral up. It doesn't seem to want to shift gears unless the RPM's are down a bit. I'm cruising along...
  6. P

    Gemini Shift mechanism

    I'm having trouble on a 1973(?) Gemini 80. Looks like someone ran it while the shift mechanism loosened up. The stopper pin that connects with the cam plate is gone, But my real problem is how to get the return spring back onto the shift lever. The previous owner disassembled it so I'm not...
  7. Newoldstock

    The great vowel shift

    I have been listening to people. With all the foreigners imported here to do our jobs for less money its seems reasonable to listen to people speak and try and identify where they come from.... Now there is English.... And what YOU speak. You can pick out how I speak and where I live by the...
  8. MiniB30

    Night shift guys - What are you watching on the tube?

    Bruce Springsteen - Storytellers - on Palladia
  9. R

    TAV2 wont shift out

    I have a Buffalo Trail Sport with 6.5hp tecumseh and TAV2 clutch. Bike has great low end torque and goes up hills nicely. Problem is it take a long time to wind out top speed. Green spring in setting 1 and bike gets to 15-20mp very quickly then takes long time to top out at 35mph. I took of the...
  10. Frank Davis

    Chapparal st80 shift adjustment question

    I have a good running early 1970's Chapparal st80 that I need to adjust the (inner) shift linkage for.....I understand that a Hodaka engine (also Fuji) is very close, but there are subtle differences that have got me baffled....any experts (or novices) out there that can help? :shrug: