A Fox presentation, the journey begins

I'm still fairly new here but before you welded the crank you might try and place a new wanted add or bump up an old one if you already have one. With new members like me you might be able to locate one now. Glad to see you have given up on such a nice bike and looking forward to more updates.
I will have to look up my old posts. Thanks for the reply.

The journey continues. It's been a long time since I've had any time to work on the Fox. I finally got my rims back from the plating shop. I dropped them off along with some Schwinn Phantom parts back the first week of July. Just got the parts back last Friday. Somehow the paper work got separated from the parts. At least my parts didn't get lost.
So, after doing some necessary work, I decided to do some fun but challenging work and lace up my wheels. It's been some time since I did the wheels for my son Chris's {aka, VeritableFox} Fox.
They are a thing of beauty with the new chrome, polished hubs and spokes. Yep, definitely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-l! Not completely done yet, just have to true them up in the wheel truing stand.

Fox Wheel 1.jpg Fox Wheel 2.jpg


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