A Fox presentation, the journey begins

Well, it's been just over 6 months since my first post.
I think I am now ready to commit to a project log or maybe I should just be committed.
This started with a purchase off of the local Craigslist. I thought it looked cool and needed to be saved. I now have gotten 2 more rollers and another frame and fork set, all in my efforts to reach my goal. Has this gotten out of control? :shrug:

A picture of the original purchase

And a few of the upgrades

Next thing is to blast the frame and add a fresh coat of paint.

I have managed to find the parts and information needed to do my restoration, met some really great people(here on OldMiniBikes) and made some new friends.

To you all, thanks for your help and friendship.

It is something special. Hope I can keep you entertained buckeye. I understand you and Ogy are the Fox guys.

Thanks John G. Now that I have a good pattern made others will be better. And it is easier then upholstering airplanes. :laugh:



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Hey Loren looking like a great start. Loren are you going to paint it yourself? Have you found everything you need? Have fun and great job on the seat. :scooter:
Thanks Ogy, I'll need all the luck I can get. lol

Hey Matt,
Kind of getting excited now, yes, I will paint it myself and thanks for the compliment on the seat. It's a lot easier then the stuff I do at work.
I still need a couple of things. I have one good fork boot, it would be nice to find another.
And we both need a good brake light switch.

There was much trepidation about starting a thread. Hope I can keep it going :shrug:

Well.... I haven't been able to keep at this project, but I finally got things blasted and today got the frame parts primed in epoxy.

Need to pick up some filler and start the finish work.

Picked up a diaphragm carb from Markus, need to find an overhaul kit for it.

Looking good Loren,
Lady Sentinel will be taking a complete Fox main
into her employer on the morrow for Powder in Cat Yellow.
I know what its like no boot at all here either.
Oh and how did you get a seat pattern?
If I may ask?
Well, it's been a long time since I started this thread. A lot has happened, and I got derailed from my Fox. Running into the crank shaft issue and a couple of health issues caused me to lose interest, sadly.
I needed the longer PTO shaft to work with the 2 speed clutch. Still haven't found one. Thinking that I may just weld a piece to the end of the existing shaft.
Anyway, my son, VeritableFox, has now gotten me re-ignited.


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I'm still fairly new here but before you welded the crank you might try and place a new wanted add or bump up an old one if you already have one. With new members like me you might be able to locate one now. Glad to see you have given up on such a nice bike and looking forward to more updates.