Air filter install, crappy performance

What's up guys, first actual mini-bike.

My bike is about a week old and of course I'm increasing speed one small easy step at a time. Currently set up as 5" sawtooth tires fr/r. 12t front, 60t rear. Completely stock engine, zip tie on gov to get a few more rpms. So far I have GPS'd the bike at 37mph.

Now to the point. I bought one of those filters and adapters today at a swap meet. I knew it would needed to be rejetted to run at maximum potential but it runs awful. So bad i put the stock stuff back on. Any recommendation on a starter jet for just air filter. My new clutch is here so I know ill squeeze a few mph out of it but I'm sure ill need more power soon. Exhaust will soon follow as time allows.

If you buy the OldMiniBikes kit it will come with a 36 and 37 as well as the 140 E tube $15

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Did It run better when you put the stock parts on it ? Did you have the af adapter on the right way ?
What part of Ky. are you located ?
I installed the filter and it didn't run good. Checked everything out and it was installed with the choke hold bracket on top. I did notice the gasket has a little cutout and the stock box has a relief for this. The adapter did not but the thickness of the gasket should allow air to get in there. Regardless I did a little filing to see if that would help. Still didn't run good. It would run best about 1/2 - 3/4 choke. This is when I put the stock air box back on and took it for a test ride. Runs perfect and actually when I managed my best mph.

I'm up in NKY
Thanks again for the help guys. Ill post results after I get it sorted out. Just swapped out the clutch hub to a 17t sprocket. Ill see what it can do tomorrow.