Alsport TriSport RTS-8


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Hi, got this RTS-8 the other day
Guy I got it from said a week ago it was running like a top, he said it wouldn’t run right after so he put a new carb on it and changed the spark plug, he said he got it to idle but it died when you get gas
When I got it home, I got it to start but died out right away.
Now when I pull it, it sounds like it wants to start but I can’t get it to, the rope pulls pretty easy, feels like it catches pretty good sometimes.

Does anyone know anything I can try to hopefully get it running?


I would shoot it with some starting fluid and see if it wants to run. Might not be getting gas. I don't know about a fuel pump. But no gas no run. Lol.


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That would be a fuel pump .. guy I got it from put a new one on it, it was just dangling so I tied it up.. I believe I took all the lines off it.. I know I took a few off and had gas coming out of them
Cool find CaptNugget !

Regarding the fuel pump...did you reconnect the lines to the correct inlet/outlet/pulse fittings ? Sometimes they'll have some markings on them that make figuring out which is which more intuitive.

Keep us posted.


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No, I just hooked them up where they were, didn’t even look at them. Bought it from a guy who owns a motorcycle shop and figured they were right. (Even tho he said they aren’t great with small engines) I’ll look at it more tomorrow


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The fuel pump could be bad too. I bought 3 for a rider once the first 2 lasted a few times mowing then they craped out. The 3rd is 6 years old now and still working. I was having trouble getting my 10hp to start and I found a page that said the holes in the choke plate. Would let in to much air on older motors that if you closed one or both depending on the plate. That it made more vacuum to get the gas to go up to the valves the 10hp has the same intake as the 8hp.
Sometimes the diaphragms in those fuel pumps go bad too.
The lines should be fuel in, fuel out, and the third should be a vacuum source. If you’re not getting good vacuum then it won’t work like it should