American Leisure(?) roller and Bird(?) mini for sale $250 NJ

ID'd by fellow members, Thanks. The white American Leisure(?) has a rotted front wheel and non original front end but cool mechanical disc rear brake. The black Bird(?) has a Kawasaki motor mounted that turns, but the clutch is locked up. Would prefer to sell/trade 'em as a pair but will separate. Need (lots of) parts for a Bonanza BC1300 and a Rupp Blackwidow clone/frankenbike. Old motorcycle parts/stuff also considered. Thanks.
Sorry, just read the "rules". The bikes are in Millville, NJ. They're not worth shipping, but I'm willing to work with you on possible Mid-Atlantic delivery as I travel the area. Cash/PayPal accepted. Anything else I forgot, please, PM me.
Very nice. Did you restore that one? What was it powered by, originally? And what year do you think? I'm a vintage motorcycle dude and recently got into these vintage mini's. Trying to learn all I can and man, there's a lot to learn. So many cool models I never saw when they were new!
-Take care