1. modieselguy

    Bird Thunderbird Basketcase

    Someone really did a number on this Thunderbird I picked up today. It is missing the original front wheel and is pretty rough. It does have the gas tank, rear wheel and scrub brake assembly. I think the engine is original but I had been on the hunt for an HS50 for a Rupp Enduro. I'm not sure...
  2. D

    Bird wren build

    Just picked this ol' bird up last week Friday. Already have the frame cleaned and painted. As for the motor, I have an old wizard tiller with a briggs 208 intek.
  3. nightgrider

    Bird Baja Go Kart

    My dad helped me drag out my old go kart. It is a Bird Baja, rode this all over our yard growing up. As far as I know it is mostly original except for the the steering wheel, which I modified as a teenager, so I could keep riding it even though I'd technically outgrown the kart. And possibly the...
  4. New Project

    New Project

    Bird Wren/Sears Runabout project
  5. New Project

    New Project

    Bird Wren/Sears Runabout project
  6. Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout
  7. Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout
  8. Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout

    Sears Runabout
  9. 6EB3FB6A-6954-420B-8E19-643A00EAE950.jpeg


    Sears Runabout
  10. O

    Now available New Reproduction Bird Sears JC Penney Scrub brake pad Free shipping

    New US made casting of the long discontinued aluminum scrub brake pad for Bird manufactured minibikes, including certain Sears Roper and JC Penney branded models. A very limited number of these pads were produced and thus a limited number is available. Pad is 5" tall and 3" wide. NOT home...
  11. S

    5hp briggs and 1969 bird questions

    I have a project ive been working on lately its a 1969 duck bird. I just recently got a old 5hp flathead briggs that I was super exited to use as its engine as ive really only used predators before and I thought it would be perfect for my vintage project. It was kinda a fast thing I saw the...
  12. O

    Wanted Sears Puncher Fork and Seat

    Looking for a front fork and seat for a Sears Puncher as pictured. A chain guard would be nice too if you got one. I would also consider a complete bike or roller. I have cash and much Tecumseh to trade.
  13. D

    Tecumseh 3.5 repair & parts books SCAT BAT / Bird

    Hey All Im brand new here - my brother had a mini bike back in the 80s and we pulled it out of the basement to get it going again. Sitting probably 25 years. So we are doing a major overhaul on this little guy, paint, tires, etc.. Im trying to find more info about this model number and cant...
  14. Bird seat

    Bird seat

    Bird seat
  15. Bird seat

    Bird seat

    Bird seat
  16. bird scat bat

    bird scat bat

  17. Fastestcobra

    Bird Engineer possible year?

    I couldn't find any with the same diamond plate aluminum fenders. This is the second one I've had with those same style. I originally thought they were homemade. I was hoping the fenders could narrow it to a few years or regional market. Thanks guys. F.
  18. chipper

    BIRD Kickstand

    Originally off an El Tigre but common to many 6" wheeled Bird /Sears / JC Penny mini bikes , $22 shipped !
  19. Lawnboy

    Jc penny bird mini bike

    Up for sale is a Jc penny minibike made by bird engineering, comes with rims (no tires) I'd like to get $50 for it, but you can also give me offers. I live in Monroeville pa- local pick up only Thanks, Ty ***would be happy to trade for some nice cat minibike parts-send me pics of what you have
  20. R

    new to the site again, progress on bird mini bike

    just waiting on the seat from upholstery, some pics of what I started with and how it turned out. runs great and was an enjoyable build, Eric from OldMiniBikes was a great help. ready to find another !! made the scrape brake, exhaust, exhaust brackets, rotated the predator tank 180 degrees and made...