Any minibike or monkeybike heroes here in San Diego?

Hey, don't know if y'all deal with Honda Z50s at this website, but I have a '78 Z50 ('79 model, the frame says, since the bike came off the line in 9/78) with what seems to be a 72cc Lifan motor dropped onto the frame, and I'm trying to square away the cluster that consists of cables, casings, etc. What I'm trying to do is mate regular MX clutch & brake levers, plus throttle, to the old Z50 components and Lifan (Chinese?) motor. The stuff works now... barely... though the motor is relatively strong. I'm having trouble locating parts here in Dago, particularly parts I can use to upgrade the existing p.o.s. cables, casings, etc. Take the throttle cable, for instance: does anyone make a better retro cable & casing for this bike, maybe even a better carb to slap on this piece o' Lifan junk??? Who makes custom cables for bikes like these, or should I just bust out the West African Engineering and rig it "hood rat style???" Anybody here at this site live in San Diego County, KNOW THESE BIKES and feel like earning a few bucks??? I'm trying to rig this little offroad rocket so I can ride for 3 days next week, but the final tweaks & mods are proving to be a major PITA, since I can't seem to find the right cables and casings for the job. I'm about ready to rig some kinda clamped-up throttle cable with the clamped section open for inspection while riding, LOL. If I had known this little '78 Honda Z50 would become such a monumental PITA, I would've skipped buying the damned thing and applied my hard-earned money elsewhere... the cycle shop where I want to have the work done is booked up for a week or two, otherwise I wouldn't be posting here. Any & all suggestions welcome, you can see the bike at that website, in the Projects/Builds Forum under the thread title "Z50 monkeybike with a few mods..." (Can't post pics here right now with this iPad.) Thanks in advance, I'll check back later to see whether anyone knows where to get the kinda gear I need to finish my project, so I can ride the bike while camping in the mountains next week.