Arctic Cat Prowler


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Shout out to my good buddy Countstevula for the tip on this old Prowler he spotted on craigslist on Friday.

I was lucky enough to have the guy hold it for me until Monday.

It's rough, but I think is salvageable. Missing some of the carb parts, so i'll be on the hunt for a new carb.

Carbs and some parts are easy to find. Lots of work ahead of you but you've got the hardest part since the recoil is on it. PM me with what you need if interested.
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Brooklyn Bob

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Cool bike. There was one on the US12 yard sale (over 600 miles of yard sales) a few weeks back. I low balled the guy, but he wouldn't come down. On the way back I was going to up the price, but he already sold it.
Seems like the slide assembly is always missing since people remove it with the throttle cable. Somewhere in an alternate universe is a pile of unmatched socks, Bing carb slides, and Saxonette recoils. Lol


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Went to my mini bike scrap yard after work tonight, before going to my sons soccer game. I may have found the missing parts for the carb on the prowler. Not sure though, but I'm hopeful.