AutoMagic Carbs

Anybody familiar with or know anything about these carbs. The look almost identical to a stock Tecumseh carb but they have the name "AutoMagic" cast into the body.

I have owned two of them now....and Mountain Man George has one on his H50 powered Hilltopper...all of them are on bikes that appear to be 100% original survivors...

I googled it but came up empty.....:shrug:

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hmmmm...certainly appears these were replacement carbs although it does allude to the fact that Sears may have used them as standard equipment

I don't know what they're talking choke...the ones I had both had regular lever chokes.


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they were used on mini bike motors I have some of them. I'll have to look out int he shop if I have any on motors right now and if they OG. My 350ss came stock with one: (if you click and blow it up you can see the casting)



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I looked around the shop I found one more automagic, its off the motor but its painted factory black and has a curved tube inlet. I belive it is the one off a 1972 HS40 from an Arco with remote tank. Motor was complete and original and in good condition so I dont think it was changed. I took it off only to clean it out as it was sludged over.

It looks exactly the same as a few other carbs I have that dont have the wording, inside and out.

I have not looked at the 2 H50's that still are complete under the bench to see what they have.

I want to say that the original sears HS40 that was for my chrome roper had one on it too, I looked but there are no closeups of it in my gallery to verify.

Everytime I see one I want to try and polish the raised letters or paint them or something its just a tight spot to get to.