1. T

    Anyone tried these Chinese cheapo carbs?

    $25 for carb and air cleaner. Look at this on eBay 22mm Carburetor PZ22 Carb Air Filter For 110 125cc ATV Go Kart Pit Pro Dirt Bike | eBay
  2. danford1

    Tecumseh HS40 (3) carbs giving me fits, they won't idle right.

    I have 3 HS40 engines and 4 Tecumseh carbs. I've taken the carbs apart, soaked them in carb cleaner overnight to no avail. I put in a new carb kit which is just gaskets, o rings and a needle... One carb works better than then the other 3. It will idle and runs well at Wot but sometimes has a...
  3. Fisher1983

    Briggs 3hp carbs

    I have read that a 5hp carb is the same as a 3hp carb. Is this true? If it is, would the 5hp rotary choke carb fit into a 3hp old style deep gas tank?
  4. R

    Gas tanks and carbs options for a 3.5

    Hey all. I had a 3.5 brigs model 91212 on my manco and swapped it out for the predator a while back. I no longer have the gas tank for the brigs. I was wondering if someone had a source for brigs parts or had one laying around they would sell me. I have seen one or two new online for like $60...
  5. C

    Link to Tech. carbs

    I found this on the may help someone Tecumseh Carburetor parts, diagram, manual, troubleshoot guide | Tecumseh Carburetor Guide
  6. markus

    Tecumseh choke lever arms or whole junk carbs wanted

    I am in search of at the very least this particular choke lever arm, but would be interested in the entire carb as well (even if its toast) to get it, this is the only style I am in search of. could use a few of these if I can find them. I have a contact that will be at windber as well that...
  7. Ding Ding

    Powersport engine - no adjustment carbs

    A bike recently purchased came with the newer style Tecumseh "Powersport" engine, of the 3.5 HP variety. The carb was very very sticky so I took it off the engine and tore it apart for cleaning. I immediately realized there is no low or high speed adjustment on the carb.......which seems kind...
  8. gumpit


    What is the clone equivalent to say a Mikuni 26mm? Wasn't someone selling a hooped up clone carb for modded engines?
  9. G

    chineese carbs?

    looking to replace a corroded carb on a 3 hp techumseh engine.....are the chineese repl. carbs any good? or stick w/tech. o.e.m. opinions?:confused: Thanks Mick
  10. Newoldstock

    Different carbs

    People are fixated carbs and its always the same 3 issues with them The jets for the OEM carbs and drill them swap E tubes and otherwise screw them up in a steep learning curve. They buy tillotsons racing carbs and fret over turning screws and trying to make them idle. They buy slide carbs...
  11. jeep4me

    Tecumseh carbs and air filters

    I have three Tecumseh carbs, two of them include the air canisters. One H60 carb w/air filter One H50 carb w/air filter One H35 carb w/intake but no air filter. $34 shipped each. PayPal or cash only. H60 CARB...... H50 CARB...... H35 CARB....
  12. Scottessey

    Lauson/Tec carbs: are carbs the same between H22's thru H35's?

    Hi Fellas, I'm building a downdraft diaphragm setup for a Lauson/Tec (circa 1962-64). Do the H22's thru H35's take the same carbs? Do carbs generally vary with HP? Or, do these different HP's generally share the same carb models? Thanks.
  13. Not so mini bike

    Briggs flow jet carbs and gas tank

    Red carb was on a 5hp green was on a 3hp. Engine ran with red one green one I bought and never used. $35 shipped for both and extra parts. Gas tank was on a 3hp Briggs. Super clean inside $25 shipped
  14. C

    I bought a old style Doodlebug and want carb linkage....

    i bought a bike that has had some carb linkage engineering. I would like to buy all the springs, linkage bar and cable adjuster. I wanna keep the 97cc engine for my 7yr. The carb is getting replaced as well. The choke is wore out and vibrates back and forth. I currently use a spring to...
  15. ole4

    OKO 24mm flatslide china copy carb

    I just bought one of these to try as they are so cheap. Just wondering if anyone has tried one of the copy carbs and what jetting you used for a clone. I'm going to dissasemble clean up choke area as the vent holes have some flashing check the float level then put it on the flowbench to see if...
  16. bikerboybenny8

    Question about slanted engine plates

    wondering if a clone (predator 212) is affected by the engine plate angle as far as carburetor functions go. Has anyone ever had any problem with their carbs not getting any fuel with a slanted engine plate such as a bird nighthawk
  17. markus

    Tecumseh carbs, primer bulb vs. non primer

    Cleaning up my excess parts and going through carbs right now, lotta junk :laugh: I had read in a thread awhile back about someone having an issue with a primer bulb style carb when they simply capped the made the carb flood out. I thought that was a strange thing to happen...
  18. M

    Mikuni jetting help

    I have been building a twin engine go kart over the winter and it is nearing completition. It is powered by two Tecumseh HS50's. I built the hs50s with billet rods, new rings, seals, etc... I milled the head down a little to bump up the compression, fabricated a intake for the mikuni and opened...
  19. mikelavite

    minibike carb ?

    any minibike guys useing Zama Carbs ?
  20. K

    ADRE bored and stock appearing carbs

    If anyone is looking for a bored or stock appearing carb, i can make them. I'm very reasonable on price. Pm me what size you need and ill shoot you a good price, i do it all for fun but i do have to cover parts a little bit of my time. I bore them, rework the fuel circuits shaved throttle shaft...