Back To School, Summer Recap


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While most of us still in school are starting to go back, i was wondering what projects you guys have finished, nice finds, and the like have happened over the summer.
ill tell you that while i got my Tecumseh running, i still have another engine that i havent got a chance to look at yet. dang, maybe later then.....


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I've taken the summer off building. Did a lil riding, bought an engine for a future project. My son and I showed my minis for the first time and won first with one of them. I'm currently trying to track down a Cat bare frame and bars for a winter project to keep busy on when it is below zero. :laugh:


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I didnt build any minibikes.....

I did fix a tractor and changed the oil in my truck a few times. Put a headlight bulb, changed the oil and a new belt in a kia forte...
Still worken on the roper..... did break a jackshaft, pop a tire, and a chain, throttle come apart, run out of gas, lose a shock, and rope stayed out. All differant bikes. Still had two workin for labor day at papas though. 16 acres of mowed lawn wth a dozen spead out trees. Mildly hilly. Nice ride. Now to start fixin em again. Cheeftah broke. Sabre broke. Gran prix broke. El tigre broke. I need a few mkre projects:eek:ut: