1. Harleys Papa

    Summer Project

    My grand son Shawn is here for the next 3 or 4 weeks :thumbsup: I got home from work today and had a message from a guy I work with and he said he had a mini bike I could have for free :happybday: Well I had got a rolling frame from chatten63 at Windber but when Shawn and I went and picked this...
  2. Raskin

    summer sale.. ..lots of minis ..most overpriced for here..most been listed for over a month
  3. Chain Linkin

    Mini Bike Racing Video - Summer 2016
  4. Not so mini bike

    End of summer parts sale

    Arc dj 1147 throttle plate $15 shipped Rupp tc belt (original) $20 shipped Chrome 5hp Briggs shroud $40 shipped Roper muffler tip $35 shipped Bird wheel reducer $12 shipped 5hp Briggs 3 stage header $15 Rupp foot pegs $15 shipped Bector shocks. One bent $15 Hs40/50 header $15...
  5. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop's Clean out the Garage Summer 2016

    Miscellaneous stuff to sell (All plus shipping and PayPal only): 1 pair of Sebacs--great chrome on springs but plastic piston sleeves are cracked--$20 1 pair Sebacs--chrome iffy on springs but plastic piston sleeves are great--$20 1 pair No-Name Shocks 11 1/2" eye-to-eye NEW came off the Lil...
  6. buckeye

    Six Week Summer Buildoff??

    Anything goes. No classes, no rules, just build the best mini bike you can in six weeks.. Open voting. Prizes...bragging rights as the best dang mini bike builder on the best dang mini bike forum in the best dang United States of America!! Who's in?
  7. Powerband83

    Oregon Roll Call

    Just seeing how many people here live in Oregon.I know there's lots of members that live in the mid west and have swaps/meets and races during summer time and that's awesome!But lately I've been wondering if there is such thing over here?Especially during the summer...I got a few buds that...
  8. Newoldstock

    Summer triangle

    Its hot and sticky outside/ Now I am old but I still recall a way to find where I was and were I was going..... So I thought. This evening with a small fire some beer and the wife'scell phone I tried to navigate as I did in the old days. I failed because I am FAT and LAZY. But if you...
  9. OND

    * First Day of Summer Sale *

    First day of summer sale, and Happy Fathers Day guys. Free Shipping on all parts ( pay pal prefered) 6" Rupp Wheel Wheel is in good condition, one side looks great and I think the other side will clean up the same. No cracks , breaks or missing studs . $40.00 and free shipping.
  10. P

    What is this

    Ok so a friend of mine drop this off and ask me to see what I can do. I'm trying to find parts and any info would be grate. we r trying to get this going for his kid to ride this summer
  11. cxbra

    Getting the bike sorted out for summer :)

    My bike has been down since last October when I crashed it into a light pole, luckily I made it out with only some bruised knees and swollen ankles after I went flying over the bars (no helmet either, wow being young = stupid). My forks were smashed of course and I bent them back to where I...
  12. Bob Gaudette

    RUPP Hustler Barn/Garage find

    So I'm on Craigslist and I see this ad for a 1971 Rupp Hustler. Pictures were not great and he was asking 1500 Which was crazy. So I give the guy a call and he tells me it's all original never been touched which I found hard to believe cause there were no Hustler decals on the tank. So I ask him...
  13. tippycanoenm

    the trail horse i acquired last summer

    tinkering today on the trail horse I acquired last had been taken apart and put back together only to make it a roller....most of it was in boxes........not absolutely certain of the model, it does have a swingarm, (which was modified) to accommodate a torque a verter......not even...
  14. MB165

    Springs coming

    Cant wait to get out and do some riding this summer.... these are from Western Md. last year looking out toward Pawpaw, WVa. with my dog Buddy
  15. SimpleTom

    it's back....

    After being listed on craigslist last summer and then sold twice on ebay it is listed yet again on craigslist. :doah: MINIBIKE, 1960'S ,Central Cycle Charger. ALL ORIG. RARE!!!!
  16. boatguy

    End of summer

    A perfect day for a picnic by the lake and ride to look at the fall colors--just me and my girl!:thumbsup:
  17. boatguy

    Buckeye's Summer Vacation

    So I got an invite to go WAY North for a vacation so I jumped a truck and ended up outside Buffalo New York at a Hot Rod shop. I met my crazy Canadian host and we reviewed the great hot rods. A 27T(steel) rat rod, a '32 roadster with a Buick nail head motor and a '34 4 door steel sedan. From...
  18. Newoldstock

    Summer with Anton

    I would like to send my son to summer camp to tuffen him up. I think we codle and spoil our kids with too many electronic toys and distractions. This is a bit of an eye opener. This is summer camp Putin style..... 24_DOC: ???? ? ??????? - YouTube
  19. bigrob

    How I spent the summer

    Hey OldMiniBikes freinds , as a few have mentioned I have not been very active for the last few months It was a busy summer of building , buying , riding and enjoying the company of freinds and family. I restored my 71 G3tr Kawasaki Picked up a 76 Yamaha Champ in Windber and put 500 + miles on...
  20. msgr19

    Back To School, Summer Recap

    While most of us still in school are starting to go back, i was wondering what projects you guys have finished, nice finds, and the like have happened over the summer. ill tell you that while i got my Tecumseh running, i still have another engine that i havent got a chance to look at yet. dang...