Bad tire?


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I recently discovered my back tire is either not seated correctly, out of balance, or maybe out of round. I did a burnout at my buddies shop and he was the one that told me my tire was hopping. I first thought the tire is not seated correctly. After re-seating the tire 3 times I don't think that is the issue. When I spin the tire you can see it go up and down. I can't imagine I can use something like slime and balance it. It's a small scooter tire, cheapo from china and I think it maybe out of round. I am thinking I will replace it, but with what? It's for a motovox setup for drag racing. I originally went with the scooter tire because I really didn't think it required a slick. I think I am ready to go with a slick or something close, but I don't want another shitty tire. Suggestions?


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This tire has seen very little use, maybe a dozen passes at the drag strip. My own personal opinion is that it is a cheap POS tire. I am now looking into getting a quality slick. Not one of those zero turn mower slicks, but a good Burris, Hoosier, or Maxxis.
If a tire is to fail, most likely it will fail in the first few miles when new. A tire that is not vulcanized properly will fail as soon as torque is applied.
I put those new Carlisle tires on my Tom thumb. The bike has been sitting on carpet for 2 years. When I moved the bike last month, those tires are half square. Lol


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I have to admit....I'm kinda of curious about what frag racing is? ; )-

I kind of like these slicks:

I don't think I need a really wide slick. Again this is on a stock motovox 6inch rim. How wide can I go with a tire on that rim? I already have a Vega slick (6x6) that I took off my one wheel and I wonder if that would fit? 6 inch wide seems like too much, but I though I heard guys were running them that wide on the same rim....I dunno? Hoosier slicks come in a wide variety of compounds. Although I don't know how much it will matter to me. I'm spinning 7700 rpms and it doesn't seem even close to breaking traction off the line on a sticky drag strip. Opinions???