Baja 165 throttle operation

Saved this bike from scrapyard, and it ran but missing some parts so got everything back in place. I had to put a new carb and retrieve Governor pin which fell inside case. I opened case and put pin back in and made sure flywheel marks were lined up and gapped valves Bought new springs and Governor rod.
I’m not familiar with the carb setup, but posts I saw I feel I’ve got it right but not starting.
1 should Governor pin be turned clockwise or counter when connecting linkage.
2. should throttle handle open throttle when engine off? Governor rod moves throttle but handle does not move throttle. I’m stuck


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When you adjust the governor arm to the "pin" you move the governor arm to wide open throttle, hold it there then turn the pin clockwise until it stops, keep it in that position then tighten it down.

With the engine off the throttle on the carb is mostly open by design. If you move the manual part of the throttle the throttle on the carb should open all the way without even going to maximum throttle travel.

Here's a picture of the throttle on the carb engine off.

Thanks. Turned pin clockwise and moved Governor arm forward and locked down. Still when I move manual throttle arm or twist handle manual arm moves backward but throttle does not move. I can move manually by moving valve and gov arm moves forward but manual arm does nothing to throttle position. Still stumped…



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Still looks like you need the correct throttle spring. It's the spring that goes from the governor arm to the manual throttle.

In the picture you should be able to see the differences in the springs. The throttle spring has much more tension than the tiny regulator spring around the governor rod.

Yeah. I bought both springs from monster bike but when arrived both were the same. I checked with them and they just sent me options for others. Baja shows 2 different springs but they don’t sell parts from what I know. I’ll try a stronger spring or shorten this one but not sure if that will make the throttle move when manual throttle arm is moved.