baja db30 engine issues

I recently purchased a baja mini bike db30 the guy told me it had sat for 2 yrs so first thing i did was drain and fill the fuel and checked the spark plug, afterwards ot was able to start but then the engine would only run with the choke on, i then removed the carb cleaned it completely and it now runs with the choke off now my issue is when im at a stand still the engine idles fine after adjusting the engine idle and takes off fine and will run so long as i have the throttle open pr even half way open but when i let off the throttle it shuts off when im coasting. Anytime im moving and let off the throttle the engine dies, i then restart it and again is ok at a stand still only dies when bike is rolling and throttle os released any ideas? Or advice helps thanks!
Mine did that the idle was to low I turned the adjuster screw in a half turn and wa la it idles fine now runs pretty good to for 97 cc I deleted the gov and it would run on flat ground pretty good I think we had it in the forties or so lots of porting in that little motor