Barn find HS40 72 rupp

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Came across this a few weeks ago. So wanted to get started. Engine is tore down, honed. The bore is 2.633 to 2.636:(. I ordered std rings before I checked the bore? My mistake, ring gap w/new rings .021not good. Probably should look at .010 rings?
The only big item i need is the lighted flywheel. 20200222_124835.jpg 20200322_123726.jpg
Well, got the decals on and took it for spin, kind of coughed, sputtered and backfired when i let up on the gas. After a few minutes it ran pretty good, maybe just had to warm up. I really haven't messed with the carb yet except to get it to idle, sure it needs to be fine tuned. Need to get new tires, they're pretty deformed from setting flat for 12 plus years. 20200712_144808.jpg