BDI Owosso Explorer 800 trike

I just picked up an Owosso Trike. Explorer 800 with electric start. Seems at one time it had blinkers, all that is left now is a headlight and horn with cut wires all over. (Prior owners should be swatted)
It has rear turning brakes at the handle bars and the bront brake was moved to the footpeg.
the clutch is torn apart and in a box. Seems the PO did not know how to take the reaining clip off without breaking the driven clutch.
but the clutches seem standard Comet stock.
Seat material is missing, but paint and body appear nice.
I am in Michigan, north of Owosso, remember these being sold and used as a kid but information seems scarce.


I have the body, in its original sparkly gel coat. Just had it off to diagnose what the previous owner broke on the clutch. Missing all the lights and for some odd reason the PO cut all the wires
Lucky the starter seems to work…lol

my daughter was excited to drive this. But in good ole Michigan it is illegal for anyone under 16 to operate a 3-wheeled vehicle, even on private property.

heck I was 14 when I bought a brand new Honda Big Red and still own that too!

now to get a seat for this Owosso trike and piece back the lights and wires. New Comet clutch is sitting on the bench