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  1. W

    Wanted - CESTAD Workhorse

    What I'm really interested in is the rear cargo rack as I already have a workhorse that's missing the cargo rack. But I would consider a complete unit to restore as long as it has the rack. If you have one drop me a text six three zero 6603193. I'm located in Illinois. Thanks - Chris
  2. CaptNugget

    Alsport Tri-Sport RTS —For Sale —$400

    Alsport Tri-Sport RTS for sale (I believe it’s an RTS) Mostly complete but is a project Seemingly has the wrong seat but it works decent on it Has motor (don’t know off hand exactly what it is) Excellent candidate for complete restoration or just get running and send it! Shocks seem to be in...
  3. A

    Tri-Sport RTS-8 For Sale

    I am this vehicle’s first and only owner. This one is basically a new machine. Nothing is missing, everything works. It has less than 10 hours of usage (more like about 5-6). Except for the two times I took it out, it has been in sheltered, dark storage since I acquired it back in 1976...
  4. 20190207_203305.jpg


    Side project; Suzuki trike ALT125
  5. CaptNugget

    Looking for Dune Cycle SEAT (bucket & pad)

    Hi, there is a DuneCycle frame for sale near me but it ma just that, just a frame. Wondering if anyone has a seat for one for sale?! I don’t have a DuneCycle yet but not sure if I want the frame w/o the seat if they aren’t available (or possibly at some point available haha)
  6. lil_sob3


  7. S

    What kind of trike frame is this?

  8. H

    Building my own "Alsport/Trisport" style trike. What would be best dimensions for it?

    After doing some research on trikes. reverse trikes, etc, I think I'll fab up my own along the Trisport lines. I will use a 6.5 Predator and series 30 torque converter. I think I will use a differential for ATV applications from Northern tool. Axle brakes on both wheels seems to be a must. For...
  9. mini one

    Trike Body

    Looking for a fibreglass body that will fit on a Wards T555 or at least get close. Have sawzall, cloth and epoxy if needed so it can be in any condition. Seat/no seat, either way... or you can PM me. Thanks
  10. IMG_10852


    JC Penny Scat Cat. Has Red-White-Blue seat and red glass body. Tec engine
  11. M

    Heald super trike belt

    Hello All i have a Heald Super trike with an 11Hp Briggs and Stratton motor on it and i need a new belt. i have no clue what size since i did not get one with the trike and this trike does not have reverse. Please comment below what size belt. Thank you all.
  12. manchester1

    Alsport Trike fenders NOS

    I got these fenders in a lot. They are all NOS but some of the tops are gipped up a bit from storage. No cracks or breaks. Listed as per condition. From left to right.....30.00, 40.00, 50.00. All 6 for 100.00. Price is per pair + shipping. Pay pal or postal money order. If you need more...
  13. Roadmaster75

    MW-CESTAD big wheel trike progress.

    Fine tuning this project now. The original HM80 runs great and had the 7 amp lighting set up on it. I wanted electric start SOOOOO, put in a brand new 11HP Tecumseh, retro fitted the flywheel and 7 amp set to it and added a starter and battery. Its got a switch panel on the front fork...
  14. M

    Heald super Trike Conversion

    Hello guys, i recently restored an old Heald Super Trike ( will put up Pics soon) and after i was done i learned some models have forward and reverse which mine does not have but i do have the F/R gearbox from another Heald Frame. i am curious if it is possible to put this gearbox on my trike...
  15. gammatg

    Trike Id

    Does anyone know what type of trike this is? Thanks.
  16. 68sportcoup

    Found trike

    Saw this the other day out in the yard it's been there since last year Any idea what it is or what to look for and what to offer Thanks Mike
  17. smudvapor

    Really cheap trike!!!

    Saw this and thought I would post it.
  18. chicodafreako

    explorer trike for sale in michigan $600

  19. R

    Baja cud trike sprocket

    45 tooth 40 chain bolt holes are 2 1/2". ID is 1 11/16 Anybody know where I can find one
  20. jaimenv

    Honda trx70 atv trike conversion.

    Got me a 1986 mostly corroded Honda trx70 atv for 15 bucks out the local scrap recycler. Wonder if any one have ever converted one of this to a trike from a 4 wheeler. The front lower frame is just gone from rust. So are the wheels. I am going to give the engine a once over and see if I get...