Been catching up on my R/C Aircraft projects & flying ,, this season.


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Pic prior, is of my highly modified Sig Ninja.

Guy that originally built it back in the early 90's,, , was an RC Sailplane world renowned Guru who worked for Sig, here in Iowa.
I got it years later, & modified it ,, some more...

Sucker flies on rails,, is fully aerobatic,, & also priceless .
Just need 15 + mph winds ''off the slope face'' to fly it,, as it weighs around 52 ozs.,, & is basically designed for Slope aerobatics in higher winds,, & can handle 30+mph off the slope face easy.. ;)
Fuse structure & wing ''sheeting'',, is mostly 1/16 - 1/32 Birch ply.,, & ''very'' stout.

Another pic of when I streamlined & recovered the fuse & hortz. stab/elevator a couple years ago,, plus cleaned & retightened the covering on the wing ...

The 30 year old fuse & tail covering was pretty much shot.

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Just got the flyer & info for our yearly ''Huge'' R/C Swap Meet - 1/27/24 ! :cool:

It is @ the Iowa City Nat. Guard Armory again on the very spacious drill floor,, right off of I-80.

This will be my ''I think'' 16th or 17th one,, & is always a real hoot,, plus ''a lot'' of Folks show up from surrounding States,, including Chicago & Kansas,, ect. ect.

I usually get 2 tables,, one for me & one for the Wifey,, plus bring extra chairs for Friends to sit with us.



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My highly modified 12th scale - Elam plus - Unlimited - ''Electric Brushless'' - 2600kv Hydro.
It runs around ''45mph'' on 2 -3000 3s Lipo's,, wired in parallel.
My buddy ''Fred'' picked up this ''rare gem'' as a wrecked Goodwill find, for 65 bucks,, with no motor or radio gear,, or turbine cowel,, & sold it to me.
I found a brand new ''very rare'' Turbine cowel on flea bay, for 25,,, & also epoxyed & repaired the front sponsons ect.,, plus added my hot rod - ''state of the art'' stuff in it ect., that I already had put away,, for my ''1992'' 12th scale ''brushless'' ''very rare'' Miss Budweiser project.
Also did my set up tricks,, which I learned, in playing with this size, & bigger R/C Hydros,, for over 30 years......
These are also ''very'' rare''-''highly sought after''- finds,, that are going for like 500 to 1000 bucks on flea bay now,, ''if you can even find one''...
Already got the replacement stuff for the ''rare'' 12/th scale MRP Miss Budweiser as well ,, as that is going to be my 2024 winter project to finish up. ;)
Next posts on this thread,, will probably be of the mods & build on that.
Really frigg'n scored on this,, & think it was ''definitely'' in the stars. :):cool:
Even though having to down size going full time RV within the next few years,, I will ''definitely'' make room for this gem.
I have 5 runs on it already,, & this sucker is on rails !
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