Big size Mini Bike?

Hey everyone, I am new to the site, and i tried to explore old threads, but i have got a question for yall with more history with these things. I currently have a Coleman trail 200 and like it quite a bit, but i am 6'2 and want something bigger. I was curious if anyone had recommendations. I ride the bike on my farm and old logging trails, so i ride off road 90% of the time.

I had my eye on a ATV Mini Bike Frame & GIGANTIC Balloon Knobby Tire & Wheel Kit from bad dog enterprises. I would be curious if anyone has pictures of these too...

I am just looking for any input.

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I am 6'2'' as well and I love my Heald Super Bronc. Its a mans Minibike. Electric start, full suspension and lots of options.

That's a 14 foot wide door behind it.



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I have always wanted to make a large minibike that looks just like the regular sized 70s minis but really big with a huge single cylinder Wisconsin engine large diameter frame tubes and car tires and make it street legal . an adult would look like a kid on a big mini :laugh:

Thats the style. I think thats about what i am looking for. I guess the task would just be finding one, they are older bikes right? A little suspension would be great. What is the wheel base on that thing?



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I'm 6'5 and I enjoy riding my Hilltopper. It's a good balance between the huge bikes and the minis. It's also light enough that I can move it by myself. 5HP tec with the TAV make it a good low-speed off road bike as well.

The Super Bronc that [MENTION=53722]FOMOGO[/MENTION] posted above is my old bike. It's definitely large enough to accommodate a large adult. I just wasn't a fan of how it handled. It was like trying to steer a sofa. It would be a blast to ride in wide open space, but definitely not for trails or tight turns.

I'm a little too tall for Rupps and Cats, but I can manage to squeeze onto them. Anything smaller than that is pretty difficult to enjoy. I did manage to fit onto Lil Indian last year at Windber that belonged to [MENTION=42056]Phil1958[/MENTION] -- I just about had to drag my legs behind me :laugh:

I'm loving mine!! IMG_1270.JPG they company leaves a little wanted for customer service, but in all it's working great! I got the one right under the one you re looking at. I hit about 25mph today with no tuning. Running a predator 212 stock, I'm 6" 200lbs [video=youtube_share;Mv8SsZxv7VY][/video]
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The hilltoppers are nice bikes but seem hard to find, at least in Kansas. If you want the balloon tire type experience, the Super Broncs as mentioned earlier are a little harder to steer but once you get the hang of it, its not so bad. The Super Broncs are great in the snow and mud as long as the fenders doesn't get all clogged up, they will go about anywhere. You can also take a three wheeler and make it a two wheeler if you like building.
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Gang, thanks for all the feedback. That hilltopper is a funky looking bike! Adrian420 thanks for posting your new bad dog, it helped give me an idea of size etc... The more i think about it some suspension would be nice, Like the super bronc, the bike i have now can be a little rough on a pot hole or big bump. Adrian420 did Bad Dog charge for shipping?