1. E

    Comet Series 40 Belt size and removal question

    I'm wanting to remove this from my Super Bronc 2 VT-1040... I removed the bolt at the end of the engine drive shaft, but the drive 'clutch' isn't budging. Am I missing something? Do I need a grear puller or some other tool? Also, the belt that came on it is a NAPA 25-07800/24308 5/8" wide...
  2. B

    Sprocket and chain size

    Hey guys so basically I've got a mini bike frame which I'm doing up and everything's going well but I'm having trouble working out the size of the sprocket on the rear wheel it's a 50 tooth but I need to figure out the pitch and what not for getting a clutch it looks bigger than 35 chain so any...
  3. deezildennis

    Sears Fat tire mini bike tire size?

    I have a few Sears mini bikes with the swingarm/motor plate. I am wanting to build a fat tire bike pretty much the same as the Sears fat tire mini. Does anyone know off hand the front and rear tire size and rim/wheel size these had stock? Thanks ahead of time!
  4. Harquebus

    Size of Bolts on 5 HP Side Cover?

    Does anyone know what the thread pitch is on the Briggs 5 HP PTO sidecover where you'd mount the Torq-A-Verter? Four bolt holes, tapped and threaded. I have no idea what size bolt goes there. Thanks.
  5. adarter

    Tire tube size?

    I have a tire in decent shape but need to put a tube in it. Tire says 14 x 6 but no other listing for tire size. I tried a 410/350 x 6 it developed a leak in a day. What tube should I get. Or what measurement do I need to take.
  6. J

    chain and sprocket size 41, 40, 420, 428

    I bet this has been beat to death on here, but I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. From what I can tell all sprockets marked #40 are not the same. 40 and 41 are the same pitch but different width. 2 sprockets I have are marked "40" but are thinner, I think to fit 41 chain...
  7. K

    predator 212 shaft size

    my gf burned the box and idk what clutch with which bore to get. please help
  8. Oldschoolcool

    What is the standard crankshaft bolt size for a clutch?

    Is 5/16-24 the standard bolt size on the crankshaft to retain a centrifugal clutch? Thanks!
  9. Z

    Help me with tire/rim size?

    Hey Guys, I bought a used lawn tractor and was replacing the tires. It had 20x10x8 rubbers on it. That's what I bought and I cant get the darn things on even with my tire mounting tools. :mad2: Hours and a lot of cuss words later I'm reaching out to this forum since I know you guys have the...
  10. drenchedgremlin

    what size band brake would be used for this size clutch?

    im getting sick of my azusa drum brake on my tote goat. It does not work for S#$t so i am going to install a clutch band brake instead. my clutch is apparently 4-1/16" in diameter. I am wondering if would use a 4" band brake or 4.5" ?
  11. J

    Big size Mini Bike?

    Hey everyone, I am new to the site, and i tried to explore old threads, but i have got a question for yall with more history with these things. I currently have a Coleman trail 200 and like it quite a bit, but i am 6'2 and want something bigger. I was curious if anyone had recommendations. I...
  12. F

    Baja Racer (DB30S I think) max tire size

    I'm about to go pick up my first mini which I'm getting in trade for an old Honda pit bike engine. It's a lime green Baja Racer with a 3hp engine in it. I'm going to toss a Predator 212 in there at some point as I doubt very much the stock engine will move me with any speed whatsoever. I'm...
  13. smudvapor

    Use the correct size tool

    I was too lazy to find the right size wrench to tighten the forks on my students Trail Horse before I painted it and the wrench slipped off and I punched myself in the nose. Stupid!!!
  14. maknwar

    Air filter size

    I am looking at air filters for a newly acquired Mikuni carb and I see large filters and some really tiny filters. My question to the engine builders out there is, does the filter size really matter? I really like this one, would something like this be too small for a 212cc mild build...
  15. T

    Looking for Belt size

    Picked up a early 70's Speedway Scorpion mini. Missing the drive belt, Can someone help me with the size I need.
  16. T

    Need Toqure conv belt size

    Picked up a early 70's Speedway Scorpion mini.. missing belt.. Anyone know stock # or size?
  17. JohnnyTillotson

    Intake manifold hole size

    What's the theory behind these skinny flat intake manifolds that hold the carburetor a bit lower than the regular one? I never noticed how much smaller the hole Liz when you hold it up to the back of the engines intake. Is a small hole causing more suction and thus the gas flowing inside faster...
  18. kyle moody

    what size Tecumseh do i have

    model number 143 614142 serial number 12210 motor is white
  19. ericrg3

    attex/coleman 2.40 mini bike chain size??

    Do anyone know what size chain the Coleman/Attex 2.40 takes? The one that came with mine has 3 master links and is too narrow. (looks like a bicycle chain) & no markings either... size and links would be a huge help. peace!!!:hammer:
  20. T

    What size tires for a Doodlebug db30s?

    So i wasnt sure what section this would go in, but what size tires fit on the stock Doodlebug db30?