"Big Tuna" Tandem DB-30

Hey all,

Been a while but here's my third completed minibike project since I started doing this. It's two DB-30 frames that we welded together to create a two-seated Doodlebug. The out-of-the-box 212cc pulls two people no problemo. Here are some photos:

The "before."

Two frames ready to be cut to smithereens.

Chopped up and ready for internal sleeves.

The final product, and winner of "Best Minibike" at Dirt Quake USA 2017! Went with a fishing theme, glitter rattle-can paintjob with a two-tone "hombre." Fabric on seats from a freshly-skinned mermaid. Optional cupholder and tacklebox shown.

Me, caught without my special lady friend on the back. Yes, that's a fishing pole mounted on the left side. Thanks for the photo, NW Track Shots!

See more photos at https://www.facebook.com/aranphoto/media_set?set=a.10155162789564378.1073741847.510094377&type=3
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