1. aranhawaii

    "Big Tuna" Tandem DB-30

    Hey all, Been a while but here's my third completed minibike project since I started doing this. It's two DB-30 frames that we welded together to create a two-seated Doodlebug. The out-of-the-box 212cc pulls two people no problemo. Here are some photos: The "before." Two frames ready to be...
  2. george3

    DB-30 Parts Wanted

    I need a DB-30 front axle spacers and nuts.
  3. george3

    DB-30 Parts Wanted

    I need a DB-30 front axle spacers and nuts.
  4. chipper

    DB Rear Wheel

    In need of a rear wheel for DB-30 for a friend , and may have parts to trade or can buy ! Let me know thanks !
  5. george3

    DB-30 97cc

    I need a main jet for a DB-30 97cc Someone drilled the jet out way too big and it just floods out. Does anyone have one they can part with?
  6. S

    Front tire on a DB-30 Question

    I am wanting to replace the front tire on a newer style DB30, I am looking for a tallerand narrower tire. I dont mind changing the front rim, I just need something that will bolt up right. Any input will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  7. kawazukimaha

    Exhaust for 212 Preditor / DB-30

    Looking for under the seat header muffler set-up. They are available new, but maybe someone has a pull off, used one for sale.
  8. Bonanza Bryan

    DB-30 Stock Engine

    Stock engine off a DB-30 runs good 60+shipping.
  9. S

    Baja DB-30 (new style) $85 Longview, TX

    Baja Doodlebug Mini Bike Runs good, but needs chain $85.00 Call 903-237-8399 (We do not respond to e-mails) I wish it were closer to Waller :doah:
  10. Tomas

    DB-30 On CL

  11. chrisbski1968

    DB-30 Doodle Bug

    Up for sale is my project fom the doodle bug thread "parts, parts, parts", lots of mods done to the little bike while trying to retain it's original look. Local Sale or Pick Up (Lincoln,De.), will not ship. $500 obo Bike is very fast and lots of fun. I can be reached direct @...
  12. B

    DB-30 start up

    Here's my start up video. Motor is a clone with Tim Isky's Black Mamba kit. Honda flat top piston, ARC rod, 25/27mm valves, ported, Raceseng 1.3 rockers, stainless reverse megaphone exhaust and Mikuni 22mm carb. Thanks to Tim Isky for the parts and excellent service :thumbsup: Hoodrod start...
  13. B

    DB-30 engine swap

    Ok, I have had the DB for a few months now. My daughter likes the Motovox. I would like to swap the motor on the DB-30. I weigh in at 230, and the motor is straining :sad: Any suggestions? HB has their 212cc on sale plus there is a coupon. Any thoughts? this would be for me and not my daughter.
  14. R

    DB-30 seat hinge

    does anyone know where i can find the hinge used on the DB-30 seat to access the gas tank ? i cant seem to locate it anymore.last seen it on this site.
  15. TT

    Bad day here in Los Angeles California. Can you feel it too? WTB DB-30s.

    This has been a great week and a terrible week all the same. I need bikes. I cannot find them here in California. DB-30s have not been shipped to Northern Tool in Bakersfield, California in the last two years. The supply seems to have dried up as summer kicks off. The bikes that are available...
  16. TT

    Aluminum DB-30 Wheel Spacer Stock Free. Just Pay Shipping.

    Special. For The First Five Member's To PM Me. I Can Cut Them Off A Piece Of Aluminum DB-30 Wheel Spacer Stock Free. Just Pay Shipping. $5.35 Priority Mail Small Box 48 States. Inside Diameter Fits The DB-30 Axle Perfect. Culver City, CA. You Should Have Enough To Do Two Bikes With The...
  17. Killerchameleon

    Baja DB-30 rear wheel

    Does anyone have a spare DB-30 rear wheel and rim with the rotor and sprocket? Well don't really need the sprocket just the rotor, what to make front breaks for my Doodle bug. If you have one that you can let go for a fair price please let me know. :thumbsup:
  18. TT

    Picked up another doodlebug today. I sold it long ago.

    I picked up another DB-30 Doodlebug today. The bike has a bone stock 6.5HP clone installed in it. Unfortunately, it has been sitting some time. At least since last September. Now, clone motor's do not usually gum up too much and run badly, but this bike has a few malfunctions. The gas petcock...
  19. TT

    TTs. Misc. Parts Sale From My Storage

    ITEMS FOR SALE. PICK UP CULVER CITY, CA. SHIPPED AT BUYER'S EXPENSE. DB-30 2-Foot Pegs (no springs) & 1-Kick Stand. $5.00 Each. DB-30 2.8HP Clutch Guard. $5.00. DB-30 Front Wheel With Bearings (a few scratches from tire iron). $12.00. DB-30 Rear Chain Guard. $5.00 DB-30 Seats 3-Total...
  20. TT

    WTB DB-30 Chain Tensioner With Mount Bracket

    Guys, I know this is a long shot in the dark. I changed from a Tav2 to a clutch and installed a modified motor. The previous owner cut the mount away from the frame. So, I am left with no tensioner and no mount. I won't hold my breath on this request. Can Paypal you whatever is fair...