Bike won't start, help!

Ok im new to mini bikes but I got got one for free and am trying to fix it up. I was told it was only used a couple of times and then stored for years. It's a 2 stroke. I drained and refilled the gas/oil. Then I pulled the spark plug, put a little oil in the hole, gave the pull start a few pulls, then reinstalled the plug. Finally I tried the pull start and nothing. For some reason the rear wheel spins when I pull the pull starter??? Also the battery is dead but I'm thinking it's just for the lights and electric start? I'm planning on a new spark plug and fuel lines, any other ideas for me? Screenshot_2019-08-01-19-54-46.png Screenshot_2019-08-01-19-55-12.png Screenshot_2019-08-01-19-55-16.png
Hello and welcome!

I'd toss the tiny 2-stroke and the dummy v-twin, put something else in it.

This would be nice but I suspect it may be too tall to fit in your frame.

This would be my second choice, looks like you have enough length to accommodate the horizontal cylinder.

Budget swap would be a $99 Predator 212, just wouldn't look very good in that frame.
Interesting, those are some cool motors but I'd probably opt for the cheaper predator. What all is involved in a motor swap on something like this? I'm not sure if I'm at the point of switching motors yet though (unless it's really simple), any tips on getting this thing started?


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Have you tried throwing that bike in the garbage?

Seriously though, those engines are junk. Not sure what else might fit, but I'd say anything with more than 3 horsepower would probably peel that engine plate off like a pop top can
Are they garbage because they have alot of problems or because they aren't very powerful? If it's the latter that's fine, it's for my kids to play with. Any constructive ideas guys?
I would either charge the battery, or get a new battery - and figure out why the rear wheel is turning when you pull the starter. That should not be happening. Then at least you can see if the starter works, and try that to start the engine since that beats pulling the rope over and over.
It might not be starting just because you can’t spin the motor fast enough, since instead of just spinning the crank, you are also spinning the chain and rear wheel.
Try removing the chain and see what that does?

Since it was a free bike, there are likely problems with it or else someone would have kept it.
I’m not familiar enough with those particular bikes to give you anything more specific than that.
If that bike has a centrifugal clutch, sounds like it is bound up since that is where the power disconnect is in the driveline.
I wouldn't waste any money on that bike. Get the kids something vintage and fix it up to ride. You will only sour them with that junk.
I do agree with this 100% but it’s basically a toy bike, and the OP said he is going to be using it as a toy.
Was just trying to helpful, gotta start somewhere I guess.
It’s not a great quality bike but maybe it could be a stepping stone towards a proper mini?


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If you are puting hard-earned dollars into something, get a vintage American-made roller and put a hundred dollar predator on it. Then, start shopping for a snow blower or yard trimmer flat head.
This is just what I have done and are doing. Grandkids gotta ride, it’s bad snowmobiling now.
Save the bike you have for a later date and search what some folks have done to make em run.
Good luck.
Hey all, thanks for the advice, no updates yet, been too busy to look at it. In the next few days I'll plug the fuel lines and spark plug in, pull the chain, and try the electric start. My kids are 6 and 8 and me and the wife just got motorcycles so hopefully this'll be a fun toy for them too ride with us!
I agree with all above but on another hand i believe that kids can still have fun on it if you have the patience for it..

That type of engine like anything can be quite nit picky, noisy,slow,gutless and very problematic.

Some of these engines have a oil filled gear box some just have a sprocket rite off the clutch bell.
Either way the 4 bolts on the side of the engine need to be pulled too see whats going on in the clutch, some have a two shoe or a three shoe clutch. Kinda just like a rc car only bigger. Im guess thats why the wheel turns when pullin it over.

Also there should be a primer button and choke on the carb, essential for cold starts.

First check for spark, its probably 2 stroke like most of them so a known good plug is a practical start then once turned over check if the plug gets wet or not.

The electric start if it works is obviously the easy way too turn it over.
Ive used a car battery with jumpers too crank one over.

Every one of these type of engines i screwed with needed new fuel lines,fliter tank grommet and a severe tank cleaning, plug, clutch shoes and a carb rebuild.

I redid a vista viper scooter for the little kids, they loved that for awhile.
Well thanks for the help guys but I think we can close this thread. I put new fuel lines and spark plug yesterday (didn't really try to start it yet) and then today it was gone when I got home from work. Someone stole it so I guess that's that
Kenny, that's a shame, and I'm sorry to hear that.

Next bike you get, you'll just have to chain, and lock it to something.

Also, please don't let the comments about these bikes run you off. Folks were trying to be helpful in their own way, but sometimes that comes across as harsh.

Stick around though, all these folks are great people, and the knowledge around here is amazing.

If you get a chance some Thursday at 8 pm est, check out member CarPlaylb's Facebook show...'The Gray Goat Garage'. Talk about mini bike knowledge being shared...and it's fun too.

Have a good one Kenny.
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