Billetproof FL @ Garlits - 3/17/12


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I dont need to be part of that competition make the trophy for minibikes only as slow as I work I may not even be done in time but if it looks like it wont be done in time I will find something to run

p.s. no ones getting my kart
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My buddy Yohan's tank he built for his HIGHLY altered DB30..... So far the front runner to win the trophy! Looking like it will just be me, Kenny, and Yohan.... AGAIN! :rolleyes:

Somebody else has to be going!? :shrug: :shrug:
My buddy Yohan is trying to get it finished for Billetproof, keeps sending me pics. :thumbsup: I have yet to see it in person myself.

So far, this is my trophy winner unless somebody shows up and tops it! Which (judging by the lack of response on here as to who's going) isn't looking likely....
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hey all my name is dannette i am wally gators daughter, my fauther passed away of cancer in january of this daddy loved racing and loved building racers..we have together finished his last project for the 3/17/12 in ocala in honor of our fauther we want to bring this bike this was his last request from us.. please can u tell us what we need to do to make this happen for him...and is it at big daddy don garlits in ocala,, any info would be helpful


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oh how sad he was very nice to me when I met him at billet proof in lakeland last year at first he was going to build a animal mobility scooter then I think he moved on to a animal powered Muray
please post a picture of his bike when you get a chance
once again I am so sorry
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Wally :( We met him at the Lakeland drags and he was definitely one of "us". I'm glad to see he won the award at Billetproof though, looks like a well earned trophy!

Also sorry we couldn't make Billetproof. We had a VW show/campout that weekend in Lakeland, and as it was I had to cut that short because my Grandfather (a lawnmower mechanic and shop owner for 30 years) passed away and his funeral was on Sunday.

Jason (Hellaslow) and I have been very busy working on VW's lately, and haven't touched any mini bikes :(

Good news is his bus is running (kinda), and we've put a few long trips on my wife's GM Ecotec powered 78 VW bus (watercooled EFI conversion). I also finished school and got a job, so life is getting back to normal.

We will attend the fall Billetproof drags in Lakeland and will make a better showing with our drag bikes.