Bodyless MTD MudBug

Just put the finishing touches on this one for my boys today. It is an MTD Mud Bug chassis that my uncle gave me. He picked it up at a swap meet years ago and never put it together. The body/seat is long gone and trying to find an extra is just about impossible. I welded a simple bracket and put an old lawn tractor seat on it. I put a 212 on the back and wired up the throttle, brake, kill switch, etc. It needs a new belt on the CVT, but it pulls my 10 year old around the yard with a big cheesy grin on his face, so I guess it does the job.

There’s a body on Albany NY craigslist for 350.00 but I think it was listed a couple weeks ago for 100.00 so there’s probably some room to negotiate but shipping would be tough on that size item...
If you can not find one I saw a home made 3 wheeler that had fenders made from a big plastic barrel. He painted them top and bottom to match the frame he did a front fender too. He said it kept the mud and water off of him while riding in wet weather and snow.