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Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie to the minibike world. I picked up an old minibike chopper a while back. I believe it is an old bonanza chopper but it has been "chopped". Curious what motor will fit in the frame. I have a couple old briggs motors but they dont seem to fit.


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Hello Mustangfrank,
Should I be looking for an hs40? Do you know where i could find one? There isnt much on ebay. Ill try to get some pictures of the bike tomorrow.
Local listings on CL, FB and others net me better results for engines, I don't pay more for whole engines than what most sellers charge for shipping on eBay.

Here's a good resource if you're looking for Tecumseh flatheads, member on here too:

Tecumseh Engine Rebuild for Mini Bikes, Conversion from Snow Blower to Minibike (