Brakes for a Super Bronc

My buddy picked up a super bronc doing some trading. I saw it thought it was badass told him me being a motorcycle guy I had to get it for my kids. It will look way cooler than if they're driving one of them stupid mopeds. But now the problem it is only a rolling chassis. It has the 12 wide rims and tires fenders frame seats shocks handlebars just needs the drivetrain in brakes. I was wondering if anybody had any pics of The brakes on the front and rear. Or if anybody has any good ideas on how I can make brakes for this. I am pretty handy I have plasma cutter welder etc. I planned on putting in a eight horse Briggs or tech. in it and a comet torq-a-verter, now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do for the braking system. Any ideas or pics would be greatly appreciated thanks
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The stock brake was used a drum and was like this, you could separate a tav and use a longer belt .


I put a disc on a trail Bronc but it still needs work to be perfect.:doah:
My VT-1012 came with a disc setup on the jackshaft (see below) and no brake on the front wheel. Some SB's came with a band brake and some came with an internal drum brake on the front. If you search the photos of this site for photos of Super Broncs you should turn up a lot of photos showing these various setups.