Briggs Valve Guide Kit

I need to repair the valve guides on a 5hp briggs flathead but I have never repaired valve guides before and do not have the tooling. It looks like there are several options out there. The most expensive and easiest looking to use is the EZ bore kit. I found it here:

Valve Guide Installation Kit

I've also found several generic kits like this one:

Briggs & Stratton 19269 VALVE GUIDE KIT UPC Code: 024847761887

It looks like the biggest difference is the EZ bore kit comes with some fixture to hold things in place easier. Does anyone have experience with either kits?

I believe the ez bore kit is to hone to spec after you pull the old guide an relace with bronze guides i havent used the ez bore hone but i have the guide bushing an driver set from briggs an the reamers also someone will chime in with more info theres briggs masters on the forum....


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which block do you have? is there a guide in the exhaust side now or is it riding on the aluminium block? try and post a photo
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I have the E Z Bore kit. The bushing clamps to the block and guides the drilling and reaming operations prior to installing new valve guides. I have found it to do a good job. E Z Bore also has new valve guides in various oversizes but they can be hard to find on their website.